Reheating Instructions

Keep the food covered with the plastic wrap and foil. The plastic wrap will not melt but will ensure that the food stays moist.

For a half pan set oven at 250 degrees for about and a hour and a half or until the temp gets to 165
For a full pan set oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours or until the temp is 165

Our Cooking Process

We cook things low and slow at 220 degrees for 2 ½ hours to 20 hours depending on the product. Everything is fresh.
We handpick all of our products and only use top quality.
We use a mixture of cherry, apple, and hickory wood when we smoke meat.

Cuts Of meat

Everything from pork chops, hot dogs, hamburgers, to prime rib, whole hogs, even fillets. If it’s on hooves we can cook it. We have even smoked an alligator before.